Advices, Restrictions & Facts when you travel to Maldives


Before you fly to Maldives, or any other country, it’s very important to find out little bit about the country rules and restrictions, to not get into any trouble, by not knowing. It much better to be prepared in all levels to enjoy your holidays on maximum.

So let’s start. I have been in Maldives personally for 3 years, dealing with guests, meeting them and looking fully after their stay in Maldivs, dealing within all problems, facing all the situations. From my experience:

  • Maldives is a Muslim country, with strict attention to religion.

Its prohibited to wear too open clothes on the local islands, but in resorts you can enjoy your stay in any clothes: you can take your favorite open swimming suite, shorts and dresses. The only restriction in resorts will be not “being nude” on the beaches, as locals work in resorts, and this will be a way for you to show your respect to their country and religion.


  • In resorts you can enjoy different variety of food, it depends on resort you are staying in. Don’t forget that in Muslim religion pork is not allowed, and you can not bring pork with you same as alcohol into the country.
  • The security will be checking strictly especially these items. You certainly can buy alcohol in Maldives Airport duty free, but you can’t take it with you inside the country, so I would advice you to buy it on the way back to your own home country.
  • Is some islands time is manually changed for one hour ahead, or back, this is done to let you enjoy the sunset and sunrise and to make a day time more comfortable for you. This fact I will advice you upon booking.
  • DVD with “sex” movies are also not allowed in Maldives, if you carry something like that with you to Maldives, you will be penaltied badly, so please don’t try. Officers in airport will be checking every disk on the TV monitor.1331824561_amfetamin
  • Drugs are prohibited, as everywhere else in the world, don’t play with it.
  • You should know that weather in Maldives is amazing always +30, yes rainy sometimes, but it’s worm tropical rain, so you don’t need any warm clothes and sweaters.
  • Please respect the natural sources of Maldives, as water is crystal clear here, and we want to keep it like that forever. Don’t step up on the corrals, it is not save for you, and it will break the corrals, which are growing millions of years. Who needs that?
  • Huge advice is to not do diving on the first day after your flight, because of the up high and down deep, creates dizziness in the head, be serious about it, as there were death cases. Do it on 3rd day.ABmsxhIsQvM

Please don’t do fishing from your own villa, it’s not allowed to do it in lagoons. You can sign up for fishing trip instead. That’s much more fun!

Visa for tourists is free of charge, and will be provided for you in your passport upon arrival. It is valid for 30 days.

  • Please, respect another guests, who are sitting close to your table in the restaurant, or who live near buy your villa. Everybody comes to Maldives to enjoy, don’t spoil your own holidays, and don’t spoil them to other guests.
  • If you have any medical requirements, and you are not sure about traveling to Maldives, contact us to discuss this matter, as everything can be organized to make your stay wonderful and full of positive memories.


  • If you are wondering, if you need a travel insurance, here it’s all about your own choice, it’s something you should decide on your own with your family, before coming to Maldives. But if you DO make insurance, read it carefully, as from my experience, sometimes they are made in a way, which do not cover much… What is a point of insurance, if it does not cover your needs?
  • If you travel with your children, take all the medicine, which might be helpful for you while staying in Maldives. In my experience 99% of all kids, enjoy their stay without any health issues. Another 1% might have headache, overheating problem, sun burns. Take a sun lotion with you. On most of the islands doctor is available, in case of back up, you will be sent to Male Clinic to the capital of Maldives.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water and juices. Cucunut water, Water Mellon juice are the most popular and very healthy in Maldives.
  • Simple medicine, will be useful, in case of any problems occure, especially if kids are very small. If you travel, and in your country temperature is -10, in winter – in Maldives all year is +30, it might be stressful for a young organism.
  • If you or kids are having allergie, please don’t forget to take all the medicine you need, as same label medicine might not be available in Maldives.
  • Sharks we call “vegetarians” in Maldives, fish is enough for them.
  • Please don’t touch lion fish, if you see any in Maldives, they are extremely rare, but still
  • 15 minutes to lending to Maldives Airport, cabin crew will spray special gas, which kills bacterias, this is not dangerous, but if you don’t like the smell, close your nose, most of the people don’t even notice, when it’s is done. This way government of Maldives prevents bacterias spreading, as there are so many people who travel to Maldives from all around the world.398216_10151108752136769_1710779400_n
  • Take with you a smart casual clothes, in some restaurants in Maldives resorts it’s is a must, if you would like to enjoy dinner in fine dinning. For example: in resort like Conrad Rangali In the Undersea restaurant it’s a must to wear smart casual clothes.

I hope my advices were useful to our readers.
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